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Dillon Stephens

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

First Landyachtz Board

Drop Wedge


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Racing, downhill/freeride,

Dill0n Stephens is a born and bread skater, he grew up learning how to slide on the legendary Giants Head Mountain under the wing of King Brian. He currently races drones, saves money in the summer months to live in Mexico in the winter months. The amazing thing about Dillons Skate style is that you can throw any board at him and he’ll shred it with style and ease. Dillon has traveled the world competing in downhill races and has walked away from quite a few of them with gold medals. He designed the Switchblade and the Triple Beam, has been a Dinghy master since day 1, and always keeps moving forward to the next adventure.

Dillon Stephens's Quiver

Dinghy Shape 9

Battle Axe

Switchblade 40